Handmade Electronic Noisemakers and Circuit Bending
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     Welcome to Just Say No!se. This site is a place to display my homemade Synthesizer's, Contact Microphone Instruments, Circuit Bent toys and other music and video projects. My synthesizer's are battery operated instruments that produce audio tones controlled by buttons, knobs or switches. My Piezoelectric Microphone (Contact Mic) Instruments are "found objects" or reworked musical instruments with the addition of a Contact Mic. The Contact Mic converts vibrations from the instrument into an audible signal. Circuit Bending is the short-circuiting of electronic devices such as children's toys to create new sounds never intended by the makers of the device. The new sounds can be manipulated using buttons, knobs or switches inserted into the short-circuited signal paths. All of the noisemakers are built or hacked in my home workshop.

     So why do I hack toys and build noisemakers? I guess I do this to satisfy my own creative, musical and do-it-yourself curiosity. I have always enjoyed exploring, constructing and taking things apart to figure out how they work. In light of our obsessive consumption, mass produced waste and culture of violence, I feel that transforming or re-purposing a discarded product into a unique instrument is an artistic, empowering and subversive act. But mostly, I hack toys and build noisemakers because it's fun.

     This site is primarily for documenting my journey through musical and visual exploration, instrument (de)construction and to inspire others. I do sell some of my creations for those who are interested. They are available directly from me. If you have questions, comments or suggestions, send me an email. Additional videos of my Noisemakers can be viewed on this You Tube Channel. I hope this site and my creations inspire you to MAKE SOME NOISE!     - Jason Ferris